MLP Protocol 012513

Key adjustments from last week:

  • Adjusted BPL for a 6.0 million unit equity offering at $52.54 on January 23.
  • Added a Markets and Levels page that shows recent trends for the following: Alerian MLP Index, Alerian Total Return MLP Index, S&P 500, 20 Year Treasury Yields, U.S. Drilling Rig Count, Natural Gas, WTI Crude and Brent Crude oil prices, and an indicative NYMEX 3:2:1 crack spread.
  • Added a Quarter over Quarter and Year over Year Distribution Growth page, a total of 66 4Q 2012 distributions have been announced with 34 increases, 30 held flat and 2 decreases (Variable Rate MLPs RNF, UAN). In a general sense the declared distributions thus far have been slightly ahead of my expectations.
  • Added some additional detail to the DCR Watchlist page. (Subscriber Version)

The MLP Protocol Monthly Analytics Report for January is now available, the February 2013 report will be available after February 1st.

MLP Protocol Weekly Snapshot report: MLPP 012513 Snapshot vFree

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President of MLP Protocol, investor, trader, and proponent of Master Limited Partnerships.
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2 Responses to MLP Protocol 012513

  1. Dean,

    Thank you very much and thanks for suggesting/requesting the concept, glad you like it. I may add/adjust it a little more and add the 10 Year Treasury data as well since everyone always thinks of the 10 Year first. Also I plan to add a Yield Curve Steepness metric using the 10Y or 20Y minus the 3 month rate to make it easier to see at a glance if the yield curve is steepening or flattening.


  2. Dean says:

    Markets and Levels page is an excellent addition

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