MLP Protocol 022213

Key adjustments from last week:

  • Adjusted KMP for a 4.0 million unit equity offering at $86.35 on February 21.
  • As mentioned in the Investing as War post, the paid subscriber version of the Weekly Snapshot included a short section ranking the 9 favorites from the recent Barron’s article, “The New MLP Landscape.”

The MLP Protocol Monthly Analytics Report for February is now available, the March 2013 report will be available after March 1st.

MLP Protocol Weekly Snapshot report: MLPP 022213 Snapshot vFree

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3 Responses to MLP Protocol 022213

  1. Kevlarman1990,

    I do see a trade of 109,564 ALDW units right at the close but am not sure who it was.

    I was going to guess the Global X Junior MLP ETF ( just based on them being a new fund focused in smaller cap MLPs and the article in the link mentions that NTI is one of their top holdings but I just did a quick search to see how big that Global X fund is and it looks like the whole fund may only be $3MM so if that’s correct then the trade was way too big for them.


  2. John Furrero says:


    Please forgive me trade went off on ALDW @close 2/26/2013

  3. John Furrero says:

    Love reading your informative posts and your research is spot on. Just a quick question from one FA to another. Have a solid position in this stock. Any reason you can find for a end of day purchase scheduled to be triggered today at close for a purchase of 125,000 shares? Just curious if possibly a position was started today from one of the brokerage houses.

    Best regards,


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