NYLD IPO Preview July 2013

NRG Yield, Inc. (ticker NYLD) is currently out on its IPO roadshow and looking to raise $391.5 million by selling 19.575 million shares (before the over-allotment) at a mid-point price of $20 with an indicated mid-point yield of 6.0%. They currently expect to price the deal July 17, although it seems possible that it could price early if the market remains strongly receptive to growth oriented yield stories.

IMPORTANT: NYLD will provide investors with a 1099-DIV, which makes it appropriate for tax advantaged accounts (if I were ever to buy any I would buy it in my IRA).

NYLD will not be added to the MLP Protocol universe; however, I will keep an eye on it as a possible comp for any future MLP with “Renewable” type assets.

UPDATE 7/16/13: NYLD priced tonight at $22, so one day early and $1 above the high end of the price talk.

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