BPT and the Joy of Financial Modeling

After having some fun discussions on a Seeking Alpha article and some discussions on Twitter I decided to put together a very basic projection model for BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust. I have no positions related to BPT at all and merely put the model together in case it may help some people think though possible future outcomes and analyze an investment in BPT.

January 31, 2014 UPDATE: Added additional Bullish Case to the model and made some other enhancements (explained in the pdf file).

March 17, 2015 UPDATE: I have been adjusting / enhancing the BPT model during 2015 and may post another copy of the output towards the end of the month. Please be advised I am now SHORT BPT via Put Options.

About Philip Trinder

President of MLP Protocol, investor, trader, and proponent of Master Limited Partnerships.
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