BPT 1Q15, 2Q15 Financial Estimates and 2Q15 Distribution Estimate 040115

Here are my updated estimates for their 1Q and 2Q financials and my final estimate for their next distribution. They may announce the next Distribution on or around April 3. I will provide updated numbers after the distribution announcement and we can see the accuracy level of my 2Q15 distribution estimate. The 2Q15 distribution estimate assumes that there won’t be another large prior period adjustment (like the ~$9.5 million of additional proceeds that occurred during 1Q15).

Summary of Key Metrics:

BPT 1Q 2Q15 Key Metrics

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Statements of Cash Earnings and Distributions:

BPT 2Q15 Statements of Cash Earnings

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Timing of Additional BPT Posts:

  • Actual 2Q15 Distribution Announcement: ~April 3
  • Actual 1Q15 10-Q Filed: ~May 8
  • Estimated 3Q15 Distribution: ~July 1
  • Actual 3Q15 Distribution Announced: ~July 3
  • Actual 2Q15 10-Q Filed: ~August 7

Disclosure: I am currently long various BPT Put Options.

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