Below are a variety of MLP and general energy industry related reports, information and links.

Primers, Overviews and Presentations

Tax Related Information

Master Limited Partnership Association

Latham & Watkins LLP

MLP Market Update

MLP Market Update is an excellent website providing commentary on investing in Master Limited Partnerships from Hinds Howard, at CBRE Clarion.

General Stock and Energy Websites

Alerian MLP Index for Master Limited Partnerships maintains unbiased and transparent indices that are the leading benchmarks for the master limited partnership asset class. They license their indices out to many of the ETFs, ETNs and MLP focused investment funds so when Alerian makes changes in their indices it moves MLP unit prices. They also have an MLP Screener page that allows quick sorting by various metrics.

The Market Realist website has a section focused Master Limited Partnerships and a free Energy MLP newsletter that may be of interest. is a really good website for quick charts and news on a given stock (also if you click on the Company name it usually takes you directly to the Company’s homepage, and you can join and set-up numerous portfolios to follow).

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website is where to go to get the actual company financial filings (don’t always believe the headlines you see written by someone as fast as they can). Here’s how to find a company’s original prospectus:

  1. Go to the SEC Company Search page (bookmark this SEC link)
  2. Type in the Company name that you are looking for and then click the Find Companies button
  3. Click on the correct company name and you will go to their Search Results / list of filings page
  4. In the Filter inputs near the top of the page, click in the Filing Type box, then type in 424 and hit enter
  5. The list will shorten to only Rule 424 filings, the oldest one (so lowest on the list) will typically be the final IPO Prospectus (usually a 424B4), then click on the Documents button to proceed to the Filings Detail page
  6. The first choice on the list will usually be the full 424B4 filing, click on the link under the Document heading to pull up the entire IPO Prospectus

Retail Roadshow is a website that posts up a video of the presentation and slides used when Companies are out doing a roadshow to go public (don’t forget to also read the Prospectus, the roadshow is removed once the deal prices and you can then find the prospectus at the SEC website).

RBN Energy LLC is an excellent energy related website/blog that posts interesting and highly informative content.

U.S. Energy Information Administration is your tax dollars at work and a good source of energy related information and statistics.

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